Farmer’s ice-cream

We offer a delicious gluten free ice-cream made up with dairy milk, which comes from our cows bred in loose house.nn… While he tasted it, he stopped and said to me:n“It tastes like milk! Like that milk, which I drank when I was a child!”n… And also his face communicates it, the pleasurenOf coming back to those memories….. to those flavours…nnMilk first selection for a special ice-cream characterized by a unique tasten.nnA gluten free ice-cream registered on the manual of A.I.C. (Italian Association of Celiac disease) and produced in compliance with H.A.C.C.P. certification. We also produce:

  • Sugar and fructose free yogurt ice-cream

In take-away handy bowls of 300 gr each.nnA special and unique ice-cream!! It is possible thanks to the passion for tradition of Parmigiano Reggiano and its milk, thanks to healthy and checked nutrition of cattle animals and the exclusive use of high quality products. We never use freeze-dried or rehydrated ingredients. nnA high quality and refined pleasure, which characterized us since we were children!

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