Gluten Free Products

Gluten free products

The gluten is a protein-based component of cereals. It is possible to find it in the wheat and in some varieties of cereals like hulled wheat, triticale, barley and rye.

As a consequence it is in all the kinds of food which contain all these cereals, like: bread, pasta, flour, pizza, biscuits and all the baked products. In addition to the gluten, it is important to pay attention to the production process or cooking process of food, in order to avoid the contamination with gluten.

The Italian regulation about the indication of allergens on labels of food products requires the indication of gluten and of those ingredients which contain gluten.

In our shops you will find gluten free products and gastronomy cooking products without gluten:

  • Roasted chicken wings and legs with roasted potatoes
  • Grilled meat savoury pies with vegetables
  • Products for barbecue
  • Savoury pie with beef, spinaches, ricotta and cream of sweet peppers
  • Filled sausage with Tropea’s onion, tomatoes, pecorino cheese and basil
  • Turkey sushi with mortadella, fontina cheese, tasty black and yellow sesame with bbq sauce

Moreover all the ice-cream and gastronomy products are gluten free certified! You can find us also on the application of AIC (Italian Association of Celiac disease).

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